1. Feb 2018AEGIR-Marine is available 24/7

    On Sunday morning we received an urgent call from a Superintendent who just left the shipyard after dry-dock, but ran into serious problems on their Propulsion systems. With only a maximum pitch of 35% on her pitch propeller the vessel could not continue her journey, which would cause possible delays in her charter. After a call with our 24/7 duty officer a control specialist was consulted and found that the problem could not be solved by the crew. Within 1.5 hour from the initial call from the superintendent, our control specialist was on board at the Maasvlakte terminals, where a root cause analysis has been conducted. Within 2 hours the problem was found and solved. After a sea trial with positive result, the vessel and its crew finally headed out for sea!

  2. Jan 20185 maritime trends for 2018: the promise of service

    Although the economy in general is booming, unfortunately growth in many segments of the shipping industry is still lagging behind. Yet there are some small rays of hope, and it’s about time. Another side effect of the economic crisis is that it has triggered a 'race to the bottom'. Many companies are approaching their nadir, hit rock bottom or were swallowed by the ground. A dead end race as far as I am concerned. Merging and downsizing, larger vessels and containerization have made companies more efficient. And with Big Data, automation and eventually even unmanned vessels, there are still many benefits to be gained. But our industry seems to have lost a lot of its elasticity. Many efficiency successes were at the expense of personnel, customer orientation and as a result customer satisfaction. Especially on this aspect companies can make a difference in the short and longer term. Therefore I would like to emphasize five prerequisites for a future-proof, service-oriented organization. Read more.

  3. Jan 2018AEGIR-Marine’s new propulsion workshop DNV-GL approved

    AEGIR-Marine has received an Approved Workshop statement from DNV-GL. AEGIR-Marine is the first brand-independent service provider in The Netherlands with an approved workshop for repair and maintenance of propulsion systems.For brand-independent service providers who perform repair and maintenance work on maritime propulsion systems, approval of their workshop is completely new. AEGIR-Marine approached DNV-GL for the approval process, because this agency also supported the company in obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems. Workshop Approval includes the quality of maintenance on propulsion systems, workplace routing, a safe working environment, dealing with hazardous substances and risk management to ensure the quality and a high uptime of the equipment based on elements of ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. Read more.

  4. Nov 2017Bengi and AEGIR-Marine announce strategic partnership

    Bengi BV (Marine Engine Service & Trading) and AEGIR-Marine (expert in the field of stern tube seals and services for maritime propulsion systems) announced a mutual strategic partnership. This allows the joint customer base of both maritime service companies to profit from their combined knowledge on propulsion systems and engines. Read the English or the Dutch press release. 

  5. Oct 2017AEGIR-Marine and Maersk Line renew Frame Agreement
    Wijk bij Duurstede, October 26 2017 – Maersk Line, global leader in container shipping, renewed its Frame Agreement with AEGIR-Marine, full service provider for stern tube seals and propulsion systems for the maritime industry.

    The Dutch company will extend its high quality overhaul and maintenance services for Maersk container ships for the coming years. Maersk Line manages the contracted vessels from its offices in Copenhagen (Denmark), Norfolk (USA), Singapore and Mumbai (India).

    Three years ago both companies signed their first mutual frame agreement. The years following were used by Maersk Line and AEGIR-Marine to align their operations. Maersk Line was looking for service cost reduction on its container ships, as the profitability of this market is under pressure. Read more.

  6. Sep 2017AEGIR-Marine opened its new Propulsion Workshop, R&D Center and AEGIR Academy

    AEGIR-Marine opened its new Propulsion Workshop, R&D Center and AEGIR Academy. As a opening event the stern tube seal and propulsion service expert held a seminar entitled 'Exploring The Future Of Services'. The two day event was attended by some 400 customers and business relations. Astronaut André Kuipers, Tjapko Poppens, Mayor of Wijk bij Duurstede, and the owners of AEGIR-Marine, Ruud Muis and Hans Dekker, jointly commissioned the opening ceremony. During the event DNV GL officially issued the Workshop Approval Certification for the new Propulsion Workshop and AEGIR Marine launched its new proprietary, brand independent and hyper robust seal. Read more.

  7. Apr 2017AEGIR-Marine April Newsletter

    Read here our latest newsletter

  8. Apr 2017AEGIR-Marine in the land of the rising sun

    AEGIR-Marine will attend the BARI-SHIP2017 fair in Imabari, Japan from 25 May - 27 May 2017. Imabari is situated on the smallest of the four Japanese islands, just South of Honshu. The city is the very center of Japan’s maritime industry. One-third of the annual commercial Japanese tonnage is built here. Imabari also hosts an extensive marine equipment manufacturing industry. Read more.

  9. Apr 2017On the Job: Peter Versteeg

    Peter Versteeg is an experienced stern seal engineer, and one of our engineers who is specialized in installing Primair Systems. He told us about a service job he was proud of, which he worked on together with Danny Haverlag. Read more.

  10. Apr 2017AEGIR-Marine adds stabilizer repair to its service package

    AEGIR-Marine adds stabilizer repair services to its portfolio of independent maritime services. In February 2017 we reinforced our team with a specialist in stabilizers. The expansion of our service portfolio is part of our long term growth strategy. Now we are able to offer ship owners and ship managers a one-stop-shop overhaul service. Read more.

  11. Jan 2017Bigger and Better

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  12. Jan 2017AEGIR-Marine’s new repair shop: bigger, better

    AEGIR-Marine considerably expands its in-house repair capacity for ship components, such as thrusters and propulsion systems. The company is currently building a new accommodation in Wijk bij Duurstede, the Netherlands. The new building, adjacent to the existing one, will house a new state of the art work and fully equipped repair shop. In this way, AEGIR-Marine will be able to deal with the growing demand for repair services in the maritime industry. The opening is due on 1 July 2017. Read more

  13. Jan 2017Five questions for Mustafa Göktas

    How long have you been working for AEGIR-Marine?
    “I’ve been working for AEGIR-Marine for two years now as a propulsion engineer."

    What was your last engineering job?
    “I just returned from an extensive job propulsion job in Shanghai, China. I spent two weeks there on a big shipyard. The vessel was a fifteen year old bulk carrier, which needed a complete overhaul of the oil distribution box (OD), the controllable-pitch propeller (CPP), the stern seals and shaft installment." Read more

  14. Jan 2017The PRIME-Blue

    The PRIME-Blue is AEGIR-Marine’s water lubricated stern seal installation, which is designed to be an environmental friendly sealing solution. Read more

  15. Jan 2017The new AEGIR Calendar 2017!

    The new AEGIR Calendar is out now! Read more

  16. Dec 2016Maritime trends for 2017 and beyond

    Ruud Muis, Marine Service Entrepreneur and Co-founder of AEGIR-Marine BV, on the maritime trends for 2017 and beyond. His vision on the maritime industry, the economic challenges, the after sales market and innovation. Read more

  17. Dec 2016On the job

    On the job
    AEGIR-Marine was asked to service a cruise vessel which was planned to dock in Cadiz, Spain. The job included the overhaul of three thrusters (2 in the bow and 1 in the stern) and the exchange of the seal rings of the aft and forward stern tubes on both propeller shafts, A nice job of course, on a very well maintained vessel.. Read more



  18. Nov 2016Five questions for Anton Pramatarov

    What is your position at AEGIR-Marine?
    I am an Area Sales Manager for AEGIR-Marine. My roots are in Bulgaria, and I’m responsible for Russia, the Baltic states and Eastern Europe, with the exception of Poland. I am also ASM for Greece, Cyprus, Iran and the Middle East. Read more

  19. Nov 2016Propeller damage repair: the AEGIR-Marine approach

    AEGIR-Marine was commissioned with the repair of propeller damage of a Greek Panamax bulk carrier in Guangzhou, China. The service engineers of AEGIR-Marine were dealing with many challenges in the course of this project, and had to improvise on the spot.

    On the morning of 10 June 2016, received a diving inspection report from a consultant on the propeller of the vessel in Guangzhou. During a laden voyage from Iran to China the vessel encountered excessive vibration on her propeller. The ship owner arranged for an underwater propeller inspection. Read more

  20. Nov 2016Five questions for service engineer

    How long have you been working for AEGIR-Marine?
    I’ve been working here for 3,5 years now.

    What is the project you are currently working on?
    I’ve been to Malta to install a PRIMAIR seal system on a vessel that is just five years old. A few years ago, the revised Vessel General Permit (VGP) issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have come into force. Forcing all ships in US waters to apply biodegradable oil (EAL) for their propulsion system. Not every propeller shaft seal is EAL resistant, so we convert them into a PRIMAIR system. Read more

  21. Nov 2016Special job: Underwater

    AEGIR-Marine received a call from Underwater Propulsion Engineers (UPE), our underwater diving partner. UPE came up with an emergency job on which they needed our assistance. A loaded car carrier in Panama was losing oil through the stern tube. Because the vessel was loaded, it could not be docked. Also trimming, removing or shifting the cargo weight of the ship, was impossible. As the leakage was sustainable, underwater repair was the best solution.
    Read more

  22. Nov 2016AEGIR's Calendar: November

    Our November calendar shows the dark months ahead of us. But come snow, hail or storm, we will delver our parts. It's our state of mind. That's why we keep all PRIME parts in stock and delver on the spot if necessary.

  23. Oct 2016AEGIR’s successful quest at the SMM exhibition

    AEGIR-Marine is the illustrious regular guest at the SMM exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. Needless to say that the 27th edition of this exhibition again hosted our stand, from 4 to 7 September 2016. The leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg welcomes more than 2,200 exhibitors from all over the world, roughly 50,000 industry visitors, and covers some 93,000 square meters of exhibition space. We had a great time. Hard work and sometimes play. Read more


  24. Oct 2016Powered by green energy

    AEGIR-Marine is way ahead when it comes to sustainability. And, we are working hard to reduce our ecological footprint even more. Our existing office is very sustainable, our new office will be even more sustainable.

    AEGIR is a fast growing company. Since we started in 2000, our company has grown to 70 employees in the Netherlands, and 104 worldwide. That’s why we are building an additional, even more sustainable office next to our current office in Wijk bij Duurstede, the Netherlands. And it is taking shape at a tremendous pace. Read more


  25. Oct 2016Five questions for service engineer Richard Banning

    Five questions for service engineer Richard Banning
    How long have you been working for AEGIR-Marine?
    I’m in this profession for some forty years now. First in the United Kingdom, where I was born. The past ten years I worked as a propulsion service engineer, and since 2013 for AEGIR-Marine. Read more


  26. Oct 2016Iranimex 2016: opening new markets

    AEGIR-Marine will present itself for the second time at the Iran International Maritime Industries Exhibition (IRANIMEX). The exhibition will take place from 18 to 21 October 2016 on the Iranian island Kish. This is the only professional maritime exhibition in Iran. AEGIR-Marine combined forces with Europort in the Netherlands Maritime Technology pavilion. The Holland Pavilion covers an area of some 240 square meters.

    read more

  27. Sep 2016Read our latest Newsletter

    We herewith present you our latest Newsletter.

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  28. Aug 2016Thruster job -continues

    Palermo - Italy

    While we are working on the huge thruster in the Netherlands (see earlier post), the pipe-laying vessel it belongs to, docked in Palermo-Italy. As we mentioned before the spare thruster at the workshop in Wijk bij Duurstede is just one of 11 thrusters that belong to this vessel. The one in the workshop is the spare one.

    By now the other ten thrusters have been removed in Sicily for overhaul and inspection, but that wasn't quite as simple as it sounds.

    read more

  29. Aug 2016Training never stops

    Training is an essential part of every AEGIR service engineer. It never stops. This week we have two of our colleagues over from Shanghai and Singapore.
    The coming weeks will be filled with theory and practice. They will hear everything there is to know about stern tube seals and the way AEGIR performs service.

    We wish them pleasant and useful weeks. 

  30. Aug 2016Emergency docking in France

    Dunkerque - This ship came in with leaking stern tube seals. It was quite some puzzle to decide just how to execute the repair. Trimming wasn’t possible with the ship fully loaded. Under water repair assisted by divers was considered, however, this turned out to be too expensive. And so, after ample calculations, they decided that the ship could be docked, loaded and all. 

    It became a very long, but successful, working day, that ended with the ship sailing again. 
    Not leaking of course :)

  31. Jul 2016Working on something else in Bremerhaven

    We were asked to come to Bremerhaven to renew the rudder stock seals on a huge sea going vessel. Of course we were restricted in time; it had to be done while unloading/loading. 

    Now rudder seals are not in the most spacious room at the ship. In order to reach the rudder seals you have to go underneath the steering gear. This space is closed at the top and open at the bottom. After all a rudder works best in the water...
    But it all went fine and we fixed the seals well in time!

  32. Jul 2016Wanted: sales director

    We are presently looking for a Sales Director
    In this dynamic and enterpreneurial position you are responsible for a.o. further professionalising our international sales department and achieving commercial results. You will be part of the Management Team. Read more

    If you are interested? Please, get in touch with E. Roeterink by phone +31 343 432 509 or by email:

  33. Jul 2016One of the biggest thrusters

    The huge thruster part on the photos is just the under water part of the thruster. that has just arrived at the Propulsion Service Workshop in Wijk bij Duurstede.
    It came in for regular maintenance, but while disassembling it, we found a broken gearbox. The next step will be finding out, why the gearbox was broken and producing a new one. In the mean time, there's a lot of work to be done! We will keep you posted about that too!

    Read more about this thruster

  34. Jul 2016Complex job on a bow thruster

    In Denmark Propulsion Service had to inspect and overhaul a bow thruster.
    First we dismantled the thruster for transport to the workshop. During the inspection we found water inside the thruster’s housing, this meant stripping down the whole thruster.
    We then found a broken sliding shoe and many scratches on the blades feet and crank disks. Things we wouldn't have seen without stripping the unit.


    Photo: Machining the new bushing according to the findings.

  35. Jun 2016AEGIR's Beachteam qualifies for the Olympics!

    Our beach volley ball team VanderVlist-VanGestel goes to the Olympics in Rio! After they had beaten the Ukrainian twin-team, they played against the 'sensation of the Continental Cup' which was yet another Ukrainian team. Winning the Continental Cup was the last-but-one chance to qualify. They played fantasticly and won!
    We are incredibly proud of our beach team!

    Watch how they claim their ticket
    Read our Press Release about our beachteam.

  36. Jun 2016Our latest Newsletter & Press Release

    Here you can find the PRESS RELEASE about the scientific research programs that we have started with two renowned universities.

    Click here for our newest NEWSLETTER JUNE 2016.

  37. May 2016Working on a Rolls Royce installation

    ...where there were a Rolls Royce / Kamewa TT1300-thruster and a CPP Rolls Royce / Kamewa 111xf/4 waiting for us. 

    Everything had to be done. We overhauled the bow thruster and renewed the seals. 
    The CPP took most of our time, since the hub was quite worn out.  AMPS flew in cunial to reproduce new sliding blocks, The blades were dismounted and machined. Now we are about to reinstall everything. The shipyard will be doing this under our supervision.

  38. May 2016Coming up: Posidonia 2016

    6-10 June 2016 we will be present at the Posidonia in Greece. Always a pleasure to be there!

  39. May 2016Cadiz - CPP overhaul


    It's not something very special, but it makes a nice picture. This photo shows the drilling of new holes for small locking bolts. Sometimes things changed slightly and new holes have to be made.
    We did this... read more

  40. May 2016AEGIR's Calendar

    This is May 2016

    In Situ repair also includes repair afloat or under water.
    For under water repair we like to work with our partner UPE, however the customer's preference will always be leading. No need to say that under water too, we go that extra mile. 

  41. Apr 2016MOCE 2016 has started

    Today we will be present in Rotterdam in the WTC-building. Our stand is M207.
    Els Roeterink and Gerben Donselaar will represent us. 

    We have several job openings for our visitors. We are looking for:
    Stern seal service engineers
    Propulsion service engineers
    R&D engineer
    Manager happy customers
    Customer service employee

    If you're interested, please visit us, give us a call+31 343 432 509  or mail

  42. Apr 2016New engineer in training

    Bremerhaven - Germany

    Part of training a new engineer is accompanying an experienced engineer on the job. This new engineer went with Peter Versteeg to Bremerhaven.

    The job at hand concerned regular maintenance, which means renewing the stern tube seals through bonding.


  43. Apr 2016AEGIR-Marine Calendar 2016 - April

    Here she is, our second 'engineer girl'. Working on a bow thruster job in Cadiz. It's awfully warm in Spain this year.

  44. Apr 2016Two brand new spare blades

    Propulsion Service was asked to deliver two spare propeller blades. No problem for our casting specialists. However there was no specific design data available. No production drawings, no measurements. We had to go by the blades of the propeller itself.
    During a short regular dry-docking interval the customer gave AMPS the opportunity to take one of the blades of the hub. So we dismounted the blade and made several 3D scans. Of the blades, but also of the blade carriers' top. We do so to make more

  45. Apr 2016Composite Propeller

    Nothing is certain yet, but reading this article we are fascinated by the developments regarding propellers. Worth reading!

  46. Mar 2016Looking back at APM 2016

    Looking back we are quite satisfied. We got to meet many friends and made new acquintainces. We would like to see you all of you again in the near future.
    We thank our colleagues, both local and overseas, who have helped to make the exhibition a success. And of course Thanks to all those that visited our stand.
    We'll meet again!


  47. Mar 2016PRIMAIR & Propulsion Service in Spain

    Ferrol-Spain   We have just finished a job in Ferrol. The shipowner had decided on a PRIMAIR installation. Always an interesting choice since it's very cost-efficient taking the VGP-law into account.

    For this specific ship Engineering foresaw some extra work. Both the 18 ton propeller, the 15m tailshaft, the bearings and the rudder ... read more

  48. Mar 2016Read our newsletter March/April 2016

    We herewith present you our newsletter for March/April 2016. Read about AEGIR-Marine Africa and more.

    Click here for the latest AEGIR-Marine newsletter.

  49. Mar 2016On the water in a tiny boat

    This vessel from a Turkish owner had a leaking sealsystem. We had to renew all the seals, inside and outside.
    Nothing special you might think, but what if we tell you that it involved a working day of 22 hours, of which the engineer spent 7 hours in a very small rowing boat. The ship laid trimmed on buoys and the support vessel was positioned right next to the propeller. The repair would take place afloat.
    It was not very comfortable... read more

  50. Feb 2016Working on one of the big boys

    Brest - France   Last week we were in Brest to work on one of the biggest vessels in the world. Every time again a vessel like that impresses you, whether you want it or not. It's such an enormous ship!
    Three of our engineers went for Seal Service. First we renewed the FWD seals and before changing the AFT seals (1180 mm) we advised to... read more