1. Apr 2017AEGIR-Marine April Newsletter

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  2. Apr 2017AEGIR-Marine in the land of the rising sun

    AEGIR-Marine will attend the BARI-SHIP2017 fair in Imabari, Japan from 25 May - 27 May 2017. Imabari is situated on the smallest of the four Japanese islands, just South of Honshu. The city is the very center of Japan’s maritime industry. One-third of the annual commercial Japanese tonnage is built here. Imabari also hosts an extensive marine equipment manufacturing industry. Read more.

  3. Apr 2017On the Job: Peter Versteeg

    Peter Versteeg is an experienced stern seal engineer, and one of our engineers who is specialized in installing Primair Systems. He told us about a service job he was proud of, which he worked on together with Danny Haverlag. Read more.

  4. Apr 2017AEGIR-Marine adds stabilizer repair to its service package

    AEGIR-Marine adds stabilizer repair services to its portfolio of independent maritime services. In February 2017 we reinforced our team with a specialist in stabilizers. The expansion of our service portfolio is part of our long term growth strategy. Now we are able to offer ship owners and ship managers a one-stop-shop overhaul service. Read more.

  5. Jan 2017Bigger and Better

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  6. Jan 2017AEGIR-Marine’s new repair shop: bigger, better

    AEGIR-Marine considerably expands its in-house repair capacity for ship components, such as thrusters and propulsion systems. The company is currently building a new accommodation in Wijk bij Duurstede, the Netherlands. The new building, adjacent to the existing one, will house a new state of the art work and fully equipped repair shop. In this way, AEGIR-Marine will be able to deal with the growing demand for repair services in the maritime industry. The opening is due on 1 July 2017. Read more

  7. Jan 2017Five questions for Mustafa Göktas

    How long have you been working for AEGIR-Marine?
    “I’ve been working for AEGIR-Marine for two years now as a propulsion engineer."

    What was your last engineering job?
    “I just returned from an extensive job propulsion job in Shanghai, China. I spent two weeks there on a big shipyard. The vessel was a fifteen year old bulk carrier, which needed a complete overhaul of the oil distribution box (OD), the controllable-pitch propeller (CPP), the stern seals and shaft installment." Read more

  8. Jan 2017The PRIME-Blue

    The PRIME-Blue is AEGIR-Marine’s water lubricated stern seal installation, which is designed to be an environmental friendly sealing solution. Read more

  9. Jan 2017The new AEGIR Calendar 2017!

    The new AEGIR Calendar is out now! Read more