On the water in a tiny boat

Mar 2016

This vessel from a Turkish owner had a leaking sealsystem. Inside and outside. We had to renew all the seals. Nothing special you might think, but what if we tell you that it involved a working day of 22 hours, of which the engineer spent 7 hours in a very small rowing boat. The ship laid trimmed on buoys and the support vessel was positioned right next to the propeller. It was not very comfortable working in a life jacket while the rowing boat rocked with every ship that passed by.  

DSC 0995 1  DSC 0999 1

And yes, our engineer could have stopped, but going on was the better option with everything laying open for repair. 
After the ship was on its way again, we looked at the photos together with our engineer and what remained was a good feeling about a job well done. What more can you wish for...