PRIME Seals and Biodegradable Lubricants

With the introduction of the Vessel General Permit (VGP) by the USA, all vessels entering American waters must only use biodegradable oils for their propulsion system. Not every stern tube seal has the resistance needed to perform under the influence of the chemicals in these lubricants. PRIME Seals do. Right from the start we choose high resistant Viton. So there is no need to switch to a new, more expensive seal.

Read more about this in our info bulletin.

Anticipating on and in response to the VGP law introduction, AEGIR-Marine has

  • developed a PRIME Blue Seal that is water lubricated.
  • developed a PRIMAIR Seal that guarantees to keep water and oil completely separated.
  • concluded a partnership with RSC Bio Solutions, an outstanding EAL manufacturer.

Switching to an EAL

Switching over to an EAL means you have to flush and clean your system. However, you cannot change the oil without replacing your seals.
Switching without docking is, therefore, impossible and considered ‘technically infeasible’.
AEGIR-Marine provides (on demand) a letter declaring this infeasibility.

Preferred biodegradable oils

AEGIR-Marine chose Terresolve as their preferred supplier for biodegradable oils.
Terresolve is the leader in high-performance, readily biodegradable chemical solutions for industrial customers. 

Check the list of biodegradable oils approved by AEGIR.

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